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Fincas Blanco te ayuda paso a paso


Acquiring a property is both present and future investment, but it is also the way your life, your dreams and illusions come true. Fincas Blanco understand you perfectly. That's why we offer...

  • Our catalog of properties.
  • Permanent service of real estate purchase and sale
  • Price information in the selected area.
  • Financial Advice, as a result of our work with all banks we can give you the best financing, if you desire it.

Count on our professionalism and dedication to find the home you want and also get into shape your life project.

Fincas Blanco te ayuda paso a paso


Search rental housing

There are places that make a person feel at home” and provide comfort, balance and wellbeing. Because we know that your need is distinguished from other people, we manage to get the house that fits your lifestyle and we treat with due care all the details. In this way, you only have a job to do: Enjoy it!

Search tenants

Renting can be a great way to make profitable the properties and generate savings... if done with guarantees. So that you can rent with confidence:

  • We inform you of market prices in the area
  • We offer legal advice
  • Manage the rental and we assure the payment of that is desired

We can offer our expertise and both advice and professionalism of our Real Estate Experts.


At Fincas Blanco we spent 29 years helping our customers to sell or rent their property in a quick and useful way. If you are interested in selling or renting your properties we offer a Personalized Plan based on:

  • Market survey (without any obligation).
  • Providing Marketing facilities for make your home stands out.
  • Periodic reporting of visits.
  • Comparative of similar sales in the area.

With our advice, sell your property will be much easier, cost effective and fast. Phone us... You're in good hands

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Real estate

Fincas Blanco puts at your disposal a Multidisciplinary team (Financial Advisors, Lawyers, Architects, etc. ...) to guarantee maximum security and tranquility in the acquisition of your new home.


Our experts will accompany and assist from the initial stage(housing localized that come close to your needs)to formalize the purchase. We are at your service!


Reliability and Experience for get you the best mortgage

Apply for a loan mortgage can generate a lot of doubt. To make it easier, Fincas Blancooffers you a personalized advice from BGestion Global, mortgage center.

In BGestion Global we are members of IFA (Independent Financial Advisors Association) and we havea broad view of the sector and an extensive experience in these procedures. For that reason, we analyze in detail all the options and to give you the best mortgage conditions that fits in your case.


Administration of Property

We work collectively in order to havewell matched neighborhood associations.

We manage full timedifferent kinds of neighborhood associations, from simple and small to large associations and housing complexes.

We offer a rigorous and transparent customized approach, ,monitoring an integral provision of services, from account management and / or administrative management up to agile resolution to any event,through budgeting and legal advice.

Thus and so, each of individually and collectively you will enjoy your home and your neighborhood environment.

Patrimony Management

Leave your renting out in our hands

We put all our effort and professionalism in managing your rental unit with a triple end result: that does not generate added costs, does not lose its value with the passage of time and we want you to have the maximum tranquility.

For this purpose, we guarantee you an effective management of your neighborhood asociation and maximum security with your rented property (search for serious and solvent tenants, management of receipts and payments, claim for payment...). With Fincas Blancothe receipt of your rent fee is guaranteed.

Trust your rent to us and don´t worry about anything. Just enjoy your rent income.


Secure your future and that of your family has no price

We have been more than 29 years MAPFRE insurance agents and we have a team of managers readyto offer the most complete insurance at the best price.

We offer the best coverage for individual and legal entity. You can choose anyinsurance for a Home, Life, Car, Accident, Health or Non-payment of rent fee, among many others.

That´s why yours present tranquility and your future well-being are priceless.


Trust your legal matters to our legal team

We have a team of highly qualified lawyers ready to serve to any legal matter.

We specialize in Civil Law; Commercial and Economic Law; Mortgage and Real Estate Law and Administrative and Planning Law.

If you need advice or management in any of these areas ... Call us.

Our experience more than 29 years is at your disposal.


We make your home more functional for you to improve your quality of life.

We have an internal team of Technicians and Architects which can advise or solve successfully any of your questions or issuesof any technical or operational nature on your property.

In this area, our service portfolio includes: Energy Performance Certificate; Rehabilitation of buildings; Certificates of occupancy ; building surveying; Technical Inspection of Buildings; Facility Security ...

We want to be your facility manager – for increase the funtionallity of your housing and your quality of life.


Our objective: make the best decision.

Made a good investment requires analysis, market knowledge and appreciation of the right time. Lest you miss the good opportunities, we will advise in all your decisions and related to investment or disinvestment of assets.

Our detailed legal, technical and real estate studies and our rigor in each of the protocols will help you select the proposal that fit the best parameters you choose.

INVESTMENT:We identify the appropriate product for your business need, accompanying you during the process, from finding, analysis and valuation to negotiation and closing. Any operation –profitabilityon terms; buildings; atomized units; referred to plots or any other real estate assets of any nature –Fincas Blanco will find it for you and provide the most interesting alternative.

DIVESTITURE:After analyzing the asset or portfolio, we design the sales process as an agreed strategy. We have access to the potential market trough our customers, both nationals and internationals. We guarantee that during the process you will get the most detailed and professional advice.

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Thanks for trust Fincas Blanco

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FROM 1992 PROVIDING solutions

Our history

29 years providing solutions

Fincas Blanco was born in 1992 fas a result of a project focused on providing real estate business solutions andoffer the best advice in making real estate decisions.

Our large motors , during these 22 years of existence, has been the enthusiasm and well done job. That was and still is the formula that allows us to position ourselves in the real estate market as an established and highly competitive company.

 Today we continue working with the same tenacity of the first years so that our customers receive an exquisite and effective management. 

Fincas Blanco, always by your side


Our values

We love what we do. Because of it, your dreams are ours

Empathy is one of our main identities and that leads us to be bound up in the needs of our customers as if they were our own ones.

This approach allows us to work in a proactively way, undertaking the necessary actions to improve at all times care and management that requesting to us.

The harmony, enthusiasm, perseverance, teamwork and high professionalism are other values that identify our workflow.

Our commitment

We work for your satisfaction

The main objective of Fincas Blanco is to offer a serious, transparent, flexible, constant and high quality service. And all of that with a personalized and cordial treatment.

Thanks to this philosophy, we have a large customer base and a high fidelity that allows us to remain leaders in the sector.

The experience in real estate mediation and management of all matters related to property management helps us to effectively achieve our commitments.

Office Network

We are always by your side

We have a network of 10 offices, in the Barcelona area with experienced professionals.

The daily task of our teams is to satisfy your needs. Find the headquarters next to your home or workplace office and we will happy to advise you.

We'll find us in Barcelona, L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Cornellà de Llobregat, Esplugues de Llobregat, Sant Andreu de la Barca, Piera and Capellades.

Get a job

Fincas Blanco, be part of an integrated project.

As we have many offices and we offer many different services, we are able to offer a variety of career plans to dynamic, involved, enthusiastic and experienced professionals.

Real Estate market constantly demands professional profiles desiring give a push to its professional career. If you share our principles and want join us, don’t doubt, sending us your CV to


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  • Our values
  • Our commitment
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